2022 Rules

  • The results of all Ninja competitions that are listed in the competition list are taken into the calculation.
  • There are 3 divisions:
    • Women – 16 years and older
    • Men – 16 years and older
    • Kids/Teens – everbody (male and female) younger than 16
  • For each competitions we rank the athletes in their division, even when the competition does not make a difference in the divisions (e.g. when men and women run the same obstacles and their times are ranked in the same ranking)
    • Exeption: Athletes, younger than 16, who compete in an event for adults, are being rewarded points in the respecting adult division. Some kids/teens can find themselves being ranked in men or women division.
  • At least 3 athletes need to be in a division of a competition to get their results calculated in the ranking.
  • This is how scores and rankings are calculated:
    • Competition Value: Each competition has a specific value. With the calculation of the competition value, we ensure the comparability of all the different competition formats.
      The competition value depends on the number of athletes and their calculated potential strength. Each newbie ninja athlete has a value of 1000, that he or she brings into the competitions.
    • Distribution of competition value to the athletes: The points of the comptetion value are being allocated to the athletes by shares, depending on their ranking of the competiton: Last place gets 1 share, second last place gets 2 shares, 3rd last place gets 3 shares, and so on.

  • The season starts January 1st and ends December 31st 2022.

  • The resulting ranking of any Ninjasport competition can become part of this ranking. If you organize a ninja competition send your rankings. Please ensure that the list contains all participants and their rank.