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The classical structure of sport organizations, following the monopolistic and hirarchical approach, based on the political structures of countries. Currently Ninjasport is mainly part of the OCR sports (Obstacle Course Racing) federations.

FISO: Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (World Obstacle)

UNNA: Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (USA)

SOSF: Swiss Obstacle Sports Federation (CH)

German Vereine

Familien- und Kindersportverein Thannhausen e.V.

Free.Ground e.V.

Turn- und Gymnastik Verein Bonn e.V.

SG Arheiligen e.V.


Next to the classical sports organizations, Ninjasport is also organized privately, mostly commercially by or for gyms. This is a very common approach in the US.

Leagues in Europe

1st Ninja League (DE)

British Ninja League Association (UK)

European Ninja League

OSpro Ninja Series (PL)

International Leagues

Canadian Ninja League

FINA: Federation of International Ninja Athletic (USA)

National Ninja League (USA)

Ninja Sports Network (USA)

Ninja Challenge League (AUS)